4e History and Geography – 4th period



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The Explorers and Age of Exploration

List of British Explorers

Martin Frobisher (42) Martin Frobisher: Explorer, Privateer and Pirate – YouTube

John Franklin (42) John Franklin – The Lost Arctic Expedition – YouTube

Henry Hudson (42) Henry Hudson – History Cartoon – YouTube

Francis Drake (42) Francis Drake Sails Around the World – YouTube

James Cook (42) The History of HMB Endeavour’s 1770 Voyage – Endeavour 250th Anniversary – YouTube

David Livingstone (42) David Livingstone: The Missionary Who Became a Legendary Explorer – YouTube

Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton (42) History’s Greatest Mysteries: Shackleton’s Shipwreck Lost in the Arctic (Season 1) | History – YouTube

John Smith (42) Captain John Smith – YouTube

3-31 Geography : General Knowledge

and the news

Ukraine History

How Stalin starved Ukraine: 1932.

Putins’s war on Ukraine: 2022.



Worksheet- St Patrick’s Day

The History of St. Patrick’s Day (video.link)

Follow the links for recents news about the War in Ukraine

Censorship; blackout and propaganda

3/10 Vocabulary

En guerreAt war
La propagandePropaganda
Les troupesThe troops
EffrayerTo scare
DétruireTo destroy
Une invasionAn invasion
Un réfugiéA refugee
Un cessez-le-feuA ceasefire
Un accord de paixA peace accord