4ème DNL – History and Geography

4e 1 – 4e 2 Second Period

NEWS to learn english

Migrants front Russia in Finland



Tuvalu Islands

Climate and Earth

Storm Ciaran

Nepal earthquake

International relations

War in Ukraine

Gaza City



British colonies and American Revolution

A series of policy changes made by the British government cause American colonists to eventually declare their independence.

A- Can you describe the American Colonies?

Watch this video and answer this questions :

1-How many American states are there today?

2-What are the names of the 13 former British colonies?

3-In what year was the first founded? the 13th?

4-What are the name of the regions?

5-What were the characteristic’s of each region?

6-What happened to these colonies after the revolution?

B- What events led to the Revolution ?


Look at this timeline and gives the meaning of this dates name :

1763, 1765,1767,1770,1773, 1774.

C- What is the result of the American Revolution?

Read the Declaration of Independence description and answers the question?

When was the declaration made ? 

Who signed this Declaration?

What is announced in this text?

Who is violating the colonist’s freedoms according to the text? 

What intellectual current inspired this Declaration?

Which political theorist is cited?

What inspired this Declaration?

D- Events of the American War of Independence

French Revolution Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

*Listen to the song and fill the gaps with this:

Three Estates –nobles- feudalism

-Egalité- Liberté-  Fraternité- no taxes- paying- Revolution

poverty -my bread.- famine-peasants- Bad malnutrition

 Declaration of Rights-Women of Paris- weapons- French king-limited monarchy- constitution-French Revolution-

sans-culottes- War-must die- Europe armed -Guillotine –

no church-God- new calendar -going crazy- Robespierre-
new Directory -more destruction-coup d’Etat-Napoleon’s


The relics of __________
Revolution in France
Oh, the ______________ ensured
____________ favoritism
Revolution in France.

La la ____________
E E ____________
Fra ______________
A revolution
La la Liberte
E E galite
Fra Fra ternite
A __________

Don’t want ____________
I’m _________ too much
Let them eat cake
We had a banquet for lunch
I need ____________.
Bread bread bread off with her head.

It went from 8 sous to 12 in a year
Exactly what impoverished ____________
had feared
The royals jeered.
Ha ha ha there’s more for us.
(Ha ha ha there’s more for us)

There was a _________
The peasants wouldn’t pay
_________________ and tooth decay.

It went from famine to Napoleon’s war
You and me, let’s start a revolution
We will not take this ____________ anymore
You and me, let’s start a revolution
On a tennis court we swore
to a _______________
Revolution in France
On July 14 we stormed the ____________;
we showed them
Revolution in France

La la Liberte
E E galite
Fra Fra ternite

The month of August 1789
No feudalism, ______________________
August Decrees
Swept away the two estates
_______________________ march down to Versailles
Carrying ________________________
The ___________________ they defied
You’ll give us bread.
Bread bread or we’ll stab you dead.
(Bread bread or we’ll stab you dead)

A new constitution
With ______________________
It was a bad
time for France

We took on Austria, a _____________ in the spring
Europe frightened by our revolution
We will not take it Louis 16 _______________
Tension heightened by our revolution
Radical political mobs unite to start a
Revolution in France
Breech-less ________________ of the
Paris Commune demanded
Revolution in France

La la Liberte
E E galite
Fra Fra ternite
French Revolution
La la Liberte
E E galite
Fra Fra ternite
French Revolution

Walk, walk, scaffold, baby
___________________ was going crazy
Take heads of kings and ladies
_____________________for the invading
Walk, walk, scaffold, baby
Guillotine was ________________________
____________________, Reign of Terror
Did it for the Public Safety.

I want your loyalty
or I’ll get my revenge
I take you out till your rebellion ends.
Don’t want __________________
Catholicism’s dead
No room for _______________
Worship reason instead
Good ol Notre Dame became a
« temple of reason »
Revolution in France
A ______________ with months named
for times and seasons
Revolution in France
A revolution!

The Terror ___________ and with

Robespierre gone
Was this the ending of the revolution?
Five members of a ___________________ ruled
Could it be a permanent solution?
Directory and legislature filled
with corruption
Revolution in France
Monarchists and war would cause even
_____________ __________________
Revolution in France

Ooh, oo, oo la la
Coup, coup, ____________________
Ooh, oo, oo la la
________________ here.

Have fun.

Napoleon One more song


Push Factors—Factors that make you want to leave a place

Economic factors:

Lack of employment
Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods) Lack of food or shelter
Lower standard of living

Social Factors:

Lack of health care
Lack of educational opportunities Lack of religious tolerance

Political Factors:

Unfair legal system
Disenfranchisement (Not being able to vote) or lack of governmental tolerance War and terrorism

Pull Factors—Factors that draw you to live in a place

Economic Factors:

Hope for better employment
More money and food
Better shelter
Hope for family to have a higher standard of living

Social Factors:

Encouragement from family and friends Better health care
Better educational opportunities Religious tolerance

Political Factors:

To gain protection under the law
Right to vote and freedom from persecution Safety