4e1/ 4e2 DNL History and Geography

Third Period -Geography


9th February

vocabulary : climate change, global temperatures, pre-industrial temperatures, increase, rate, uncontrollable events, irreversible consequences, global heat, way to prevent, limit gas emissions.

Vocabulary: displaced, no longer find supplies as milk, hungry, shortages in food and water, population has been displaced, need of mental Health and support.

Vocabulary: Capital Dakar, Delay, presidential élection, Parliament, opposition divided, the chambre, the elections, opposition lawmakers, Erosion of Democracy in the country.

Vocabulary: Forest fire, Battle, international Aid, deaths, disaster, devastation situation, UN climate change conférences, international community



North Korean teens

Vocabulary: North Korea teens, South Korean films, sentences to hard Labour, trial, juges, handcuffed, propaganda.

French farmers

Vocabulary: Frenchs farmers, tires, tractors, grievances, paralyzing the country, tracter fuel taxes, prices, costs, European rules, farmers discontent spreads across Europe.

Japan on Moon

vocabulary : Moon landing, Luna Lander, mission achieved, fifth nation, Japan, space exploration, new rush to the Moon, international race, mineral and resources .

New king in Danemark

Last week

Houthi attack and Red Sea

Vocabulary : Yemeni Houti Rebels, Drone attacks, Missiles, Red Sea, Suez Canal, Container Ship, Commercial Vessel, 15% of Global Trade, Economic Impact, Pipeline, to défend Ships, Maritime Strategy, American Patrol Ships, Weapons.


12/1 – Migration (second part) : To USA


Migrants to the USA

Watch the following video and answer the questionnaire.


What are the central reasons why so many American people moved out west during the late 19th and early 20th century ?

The drop in demand for agricultural products          The threat in the East of the country

The growing demand for agricultural products        The growth of cities

How many people lived in American cities in 1880 ?

18%.                 20%                100 000                      12%

When did 68% of Americans live in cities ?

1820               1920               1900               1880

Where are the new immigrants coming from at the end of the 19th century ?

England                      Ireland            France            Spain               Scandinavia

Why did the Irish flee their country during the 1840s ?

Because it rains all the time in Ireland          Because of the potato famine

Because they wanted to see the Statue of Liberty   Because they were in danger after the abortive revolutions of 1848

Where did the Irish live when they arrive in the USA ?

New-York        In the countryside      In the West     Boston

Why did German speakers flee their countries during the 19th century ?

Because it rains all the time in Ireland

Because of the potato famine

Because they were in danger after the abortive revolutions of 1848

Because they wanted to see the Statue of Liberty

How many immigrants arrived in the USA by the 1890s ?

Half of 3,5 million       3,5 million       2 million          1 million

Why did Italians, Russians and Austro-Hungarians arrive in the USA ?

Many were escaping Jewish and Catholic powers in Europe

Many were escaping political or religious persecution

Many were looking for work

What is the Immigration Restriction League ?

A league which lobbied for national legislation that would limit the numbers of immigrants

A league founded by men who think that humans can be consigned to different « races ».

A league which organised the hospitality policy for all those immigrants

A league founded in Boston in 1894

Who are the most segregated immigrants in the West of the USA ?

The Africans. The Japanese. The Italians. The Chinese

How many immigrants came to the USA between 1901 and 1914 ?

1840 million. 40 million. 13 million. 1914 million

How many immigrants came to the USA between 1840 and 1914 ?

13 million. 1840 million. 40 million. 1914 million

How did companies recruit workers to face the amount of work in USA ?

They paid the plane ticket

They paid the boat ticket

They used labor recruiters who went to Europe to advertise opportunities

They offered very high wages

Geography activities

Globalisation and Global cities


9th February – Global City

Watch the following video and answer the questionnaire.


How many global cities is there in the world?  

About 60

About 80

About 40

About 20

How many people live in a global city?

About 1 billion people 

About 100 million people

About 1 million people

About 10 billion people

What are the main characteristics of global cities? 

They drive the global economy

They drive connectivity

They unlock knowledge

They are interconnected

They promote exchanges

They welcome a multicultural population

What are the places and activities which symbolize the economic power of the global cities?

Head offices of global corporations

Business services

Legal and consulting services


What are the places which show that global cities are major hubs in the world?

Major airports


Transit infrastructure


What are the places which show that global cities are cultural centers of the world?

Top educational institutions


Think tanks offices

Convention centers


Operas and theaters



Choice your global City : London, New- York, Tokyo, Paris, Hong-Kong, or your emerging global cities: Shanghai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, and Dubai.

What are the main characteristics of your global City ?  Map, Statistics, Economy, Finance, Business, Population, Cultural center, Monuments and Museums, Connectivity, University, Hub.

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